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Must-See Las Vegas Attractions for Older Folks

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.  Well, some people do sleep and just want to relax and have a good time while not trying to party like a rock star.  Thankfully, Vegas has just about everybody covered for having a good time, including the more seasoned travelers.  While Vegas can be a fast-paced, exciting […]

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Best Portable Travel Safes in 2019

As you know, traveling is not just about having a wonderful, worry-free holiday or trip. Of course, there are people who think just like that and, sadly, most find themselves with one or two things missing at the end of their trip. The trick here is that you have to take everything into account while […]

Tips to Travel Safely in Sweden

Is Sweden Safe to Visit? Sweden Safety Travel Tips

As one of the largest countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula, Sweden is definitely appealing for tourists. It is located in the northern Europe and, because it shares borders with Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark, many people consider visiting them in a tour of the Nordic countries. Sweden offers its tourist the chance […]


Is Spain Safe to Visit? Spain Safety Travel Tips

Spain is one of the two inhabitants, so to say, of the Iberian Peninsula, alongside Portugal. It is also the country that has the third-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This country comes, first of all, with friendly people and a relaxed lifestyle. Spain is seen as an exotic country, mainly due to its […]


Is Portugal Safe to Visit? Portugal Safety Travel Tips

Portugal is one of the most popular countries in the south-western Europe. With its unique culture, picturesque cities and impressive countryside, Portugal is definitely one of the top destinations on everyone’s list. If you want diversity and new experiences, this is the perfect place to try them all. From pristine landscapes to unique holiday experiences, […]


Is Slovenia Safe to Visit? Slovenia Safety Travel Tips

The country of Slovenia can be found in South Central Europe – at the Adriatic Sea’s northern end, in the Julian Alps. It is bordered by Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. Slovenia became independent back in 1991; it was a former constituent republic of Yugoslavia. The country is characterized by a stable democracy, historical ties […]


Is Slovakia Safe to Visit? Slovakia Safety Travel Tips

Also known as the Slovak Republic, Slovakia is a Central European landlocked country, bordered by the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Austria. The country is divided into three large regions, as follows. Western Slovakia represents the country’s urban core, so to say, and it shelters its capital, river valleys, the Danube, forests, and hills. […]