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Is Georgia Safe to Visit? Georgia Safety Tips

Georgia is a beautiful country that can boast a long and engrossing history. At the same time, it overflows with stunning, breathtaking landscapes and unique cities. In essence, it is the perfect combination for a complete traveling experience. Nonetheless, considering this country’s complex history, you might wonder how safe is Georgia for tourists? Or is […]

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Is Cyprus Safe to Visit? Cyprus Safety Travel Tips

Cyprus- the most famous island in the Mediterranean Sea, is definitely a must see place for people all over the world, one of the reasons giving the fact that it connects two continents: Asia and Europe. With its Mediterranean climate with hot weather, humid summers and wet winters, Cyprus is one of the most interesting […]


Is China Safe to Visit? China Safety Travel Tips

Traveling to China is a unique and rewarding experience. It is such a beautiful country, with an engrossing culture. Without a doubt, China differs from any other destination, which is why it is a magnet for traveling enthusiasts. However, even if traveling to this country is a unique experience you’re bound to remember, it’s pretty […]


Is Brunei Safe to Visit? Brunei Safety Travel Tips

Located in the Borneo archipelago, Brunei is a tiny country with lots to offer. With lush beaches, rainforests and amazing jungle wildlife, it may be the tropical experience you’ve been waiting for. And when we’re saying it’s tiny, it’s really tiny; 5,765 km2 to be exact. Although the country’s religion is Islam, it’s the true […]


Is Bhutan Safe to Visit? Bhutan Safety Travel Tips

If you’re eager to visit the most impressive places in Asia, Bhutan should be definitely on your checklist. As a small country in the Himalaya mountains, situated between India and China, Bhutan is for sure a must-visit place- at least once in a lifetime. Pristine environment, amazingly interesting local color and strong sense of culture […]


Is Bangladesh Safe to Visit? Bangladesh Safety Travel Tips

As one of the most famous country in Southern Asia, Bangladesh is for sure appealing for tourists. With rich local color, unique festivals and friendly locals, Bangladesh could prove to be an unforgettable experience for you and your travel companions. By embarking on a journey to Bangladesh, you have the chance to walk on the […]


Is Bahrain Safe to Visit Bahrain Safety Travel Tips

Situated in the Arabic Gulf, The Kingdom of Bahrain is perceived as a real treasure of the world. Appealing destinations might have made you add this amazing country on your list, but you may still wonder how safe is Bahrain for tourists. And we may add, you’ve come to the right place to find everything […]


Is Afghanistan Safe to Visit? Afghanistan Safety Travel Tips

Considering the tense atmosphere that dominates the country since 2001, there are few people who have the courage to think about going to Afghanistan for their vacation. Although Afghanistan has some amazing tourist attractions, like Band-e-Amir National Park, Minaret and Archaeological Remains of Jam (both of them included on UNESCO World Heritage List) and the […]