Is Brazil Safe to Visit? – Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go On a Trip to Brazil

Why isn't Brazil Safe to Visit?

“Is Brazil safe to visit?” avid travelers may ask, considering that this is a country that is surprising in its contradictions. Although you may be eager to live a typical Brazilian experience, chat with the locals, or discover the renowned Rio de Janeiro by foot, from the minute you land on Brazilian soil, you choose to expose yourself to an abundance of risks.

Without further ado, in this article, we will answer this trivial question: “is Brazil safe to visit?”, so that you know what to expect if you’re brave enough to go there.

  1. Violence is a real issue

It’s no secret that Brazil is notorious for its problems with violence, in general. On that note, according to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, tourists should be aware that the high crime levels pose significant safety risks to travelers. Why isn’t Brazil safe for tourists? In plain English, you risk ending up getting hurt in the case of an attack. These take place, in general, in crowded spaces, which are most frequented by tourists.

  1. Drug abuse

Moving on to the next reason why Brazil isn’t a safe place to visit, the matter of drug abuse is a huge concern. Whether you choose to use such substances or not, you risk being attacked by drug addicts who are low on cash and depend on mugging, as a means to obtain money for their dependencies.

  1. Civil unrest and public protests

Brazil is a country of enormous contrasts; a country where you’ll find incredibly wealthy people and others living in profound poverty. As a result, protests and riots take place on a regular basis, especially in Rio de Janeiro. These are, regularly, linked to the lack of vital emergency services or the economic situation.

As a result, in this context, the dangers related to public protests become genuinely prevalent. Why isn’t Brazil safe for tourists? It’s crystal clear you can end up being part of such a protest which may develop into a complicated, dangerous scenario.

Rio de Janeiro has become the backdrop of numerous rallies against criminals. As a result, criminal groups have threatened the protestors; this means large gatherings may evolve in critical violent events. Believe us; you don’t want to be there if that happens. On that note, we might answer the question “is Brazil safe to visit?” with a definite no-no.

  1. Organized criminals target tourists

As if the reasons mentioned until now weren’t enough, Brazil is the country where there are arranged criminal groups that actually target groups of tourists to mug them. This alone is a self-sufficient reason proving that Brazil isn’t a safe place to visit unless you are attracted to the idea of being a target for dangerous gangs.

  1. Zika virus

If you’re still wondering if Brazil is safe to visit, find out that this the origin of the dangerous Zika virus. This virus is acknowledged as a notorious infectious illness that is related to an array of congenital disabilities in babies.

If a mother contracts this virus during pregnancy, the baby is born with horrifying congenital disabilities. On that note, if you’re pregnant (or not) you should definitely steer clear of visiting Brazil unless catching on infectious diseases seems like an attraction.

  1. Kidnapping is commonplace

We are halfway through our article that aims at answering if Brazil is safe to visit, and it keeps getting better. As unbelievable as it may seem, express kidnapping in Brazil is commonplace. What does it involve?

The victim is kidnapped at gunpoint for a given time, and taken afterward to an ATM, to withdraw cash. This is run-of-the-mill in Brazil, which is why one should avoid, at all costs using ATMs in remote areas, particularly at night. That would be similar to asking to be kidnapped.

  1. Hazardous driving

Even though in general, the infrastructure in Brazil is decent, Brazilian drivers are notorious for their driving habits. If you want to challenge yourself and drive there, make sure you do it with boosted caution.

Nothing’s predictable when you’re surrounded by Brazilian drivers. It’s highly recommended choosing the subway system as often as possible. Driving through red lights is customary, when in Brazil, so, brace yourself. Is Brazil safe to visit? If you want to live the adventure of a lifetime and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, it might be.

  1. Bus accidents occur regularly

Although we said before, that driving in Brazil is far from being a good idea, choosing the bus isn’t recommendable either. That’s because bus accidents happen on a regular basis. Using public transport at night is also a dangerous practice that exposes yourself to an abundance of unnecessary risks. When it comes to taxis, you should look for licensed taxi stands.

  1. Gang violence is prevailing

Shanty towns are urban neighborhoods where poverty is at its peak, and the crime rates rank highest. As it is expected, gang violence is prevalent in these scenarios as a result of the presence of dangerous groups. Therefore, while visiting such areas, there’s always the risk of becoming part of an unexpected violent attack.

Whenever the police get involved with solving such problems, the criminal gangs are likely to get their revenge back. Brazil is the place where the old-time expression an eye for an eye is definitely relevant.

So, is Brazil safe to visit? If your notion of safety equals hearing the police forces shooting against alleged criminals on a regular basis, then, we assume it might be.

  1. Pickpocketing is a way of living

There are times in which pickpockets steal from tourists and they don’t even realize it; that’s how good Brazilians have become at pickpocketing. If you’re visiting crowded areas and you’re not paying attention, the next time you check your wallet you might realize it has vanished into thin air.

On a final note, we think that our post has answered your curiosities regarding Brazil. In truth, it is a shame that such a beautiful country is troubled by an array of issues.


  1. I am Brazilian and I agree in some points of the article, but only some. I live here and I’ve never witnessed a kidnapping, I’ve never been robbed and I also do not own the Zika virus. It could be safer, cleaner and inviting to tourists, but it is not. This is due to the enormous difference in financial power that plagues our population. In spite of this, if I were a foreigner, I would travel to Brazil, analyzing it is still advantageous to travel here, some things compensate the others, but I do not deny that if you decide to come here, you should take some care.

    1. Hi Everton! Thank you for your comment. We really appreciate the input of locals. Every country has its good or bad areas and I am sure that Brazil is the same. Still, numerous statistics indicate Brazil is one of the most dangerous countries for tourists (not locals), thus the information in this article. I am sure that Brazil is also formed of people like you, who are great and tourists would love spending time with.

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