Staying Safe While Travelling in Ecuador

Is Ecuador Safe to Visit? Ecuador Safety Travel Tips

Even if Ecuador is the second smallest country is Latin America, it is a fantastic example of natural diversity. You can visit Pacific Coast, the Amazon Basin, volcanoes as well as the cloud forests. Additionally, if you are the adept of trekking, Ecuador won’t let you down – quite the contrary.

We could say that this tiny country overflows with postcard-like places. Aside from the remarkable heights of the Andes, other photogenic places await you in Ecuador. Essentially, the cities comprise of unique architectural treasures that date back to the Spanish colonial days. Meanwhile, the towns and villages show a different facet of this country.

Still, even if Ecuador is definitely a dreamy destination due to its diversity and uniqueness, you might wonder whether visiting it is safe or not. The official safety index for Ecuador is 55 percent. This means that is isn’t the most dangerous country to travel it, nor is it the safest. This means that you shouldn’t let your guard down during your visit. Concurrently, you should be aware of the threats that lie before you.

So, keep on reading if you want to know: how safe is Ecuador for tourists?

Risks You Are Exposed to When Visiting Ecuador

Overall Risks in Ecuador: MEDIUM

There is a heightened security risk in Ecuador, due to the increase of violent crime. Assault and armed robbery are quite widespread, especially in the main cities – including Quito and Guayaquil. At the same time, violent crime incidents entailing the use of weapons and firearms are likely to take place.

On a different note, due to the unstable political situation in Ecuador, demonstrations and protests are commonplace. These often result in severe violence.

It’s worth taking into account that local laws prohibit tourists from participating in this kind of actions. Otherwise, they might get arrested. This is why foreigners should steer clear of partaking in demonstrations of this kind – even if they are intended as peaceful gatherings, there is a possibility that the situation will worsen.

Theft and Robbery Risk in Ecuador: MEDIUM to HIGH

How safe is Ecuador for tourists when it comes to theft and robbery crimes? In truth, pickpocketing and muggings are likely to happen in Ecuador – specifically in the main cities. For the most part, the crimes that occur are crimes of opportunity.

In other words, there are numerous professional thieves that target unaware tourists in popular areas or in the proximity of cafes and restaurants. Additionally, bear in mind that bag snatching is a common practice engaged by pickpockets.

Since tourists tend to be quite distracted around bus terminals or public means of transportation, thieves take advantage of this by using pickpocketing skills.

A common practice is that of the accidental spill. Pickpockets pretend to spill something on you, and afterward, another friendly local comes along to help you get rid of the stain. So, make sure you keep an eye out for these scams.

  • How to Avoid Being a Victim of Theft and Robbery in Ecuador?

Being cautious whenever you’re traveling is common sense. This is a principle to abide by regardless of your traveling destination.

We advise you to steer clear of wearing expensive jewelry whenever you’re exploring the cities. Plus, you should be wary of your bag or backpack whenever you take the bus or other means of transportation. If possible, you should try to carry your rucksack on the front of the body.

Make sure you keep your original documents safe. On the flipside, you should carry a colored copy of your passport, accompanied by the visa entry stamp page. Additionally, don’t carry too much money with you.

The bottom-line is that you should keep an eye out on your belongings. If you notice that someone attempts to distract you through staged pushing or shoving, or by requesting assistance, you should walk away, as these might be pickpocketing attempts.

Kidnapping Risk in Ecuador: MEDIUM

Unfortunately, during the last couple of years, more and more kidnapping incidents have been reported in Ecuador. As a matter of fact, recently, three journalists were kidnapped, as well.

Essentially, express kidnapping is the most widespread form of crime – aside from pickpocketing and mugging. This entails kidnapping foreigners in order to extort a quick ransom, by contacting the victim’s family. Another option is driving the victim to a cash machine when one is forced to withdraw as much money as possible.

It’s worth noting that foreign nationals are an appealing target for criminals. At the same time, taxi passengers might fall victims of this type of crime, as well. In fact, numerous taxis have been held up at gun point. This is why you should avoid hailing taxis on the street. To be on the safe side, you should use a radio taxi instead.

  • How to Avoid Being a Victim of Kidnapping in Ecuador?

Once again, being precautious and wary of your environment is highly recommended. When possible, try to use a radio taxi as opposed to hailing one on the street.

Additionally, steer clear of creating a predictable, fixed routine; as this could make you more prone to get kidnapped by criminals.

Even if the police tends to respond quickly to calls for help, they aren’t that reliable when it comes to following up on investigations. As a result, the arrest rates are pretty low, whereas the conviction rates are pretty poor. However, note that the emergency number is 911 – should you find yourself in need of assistance.

Rape Risk in Ecuador: MEDIUM

There is also a considerable risk of rape in Ecuador. Even though these incidents aren’t necessarily widespread, this doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.

Incidents of sexual assault and rape can happen, in well-traveled tourist areas as well. Bear in mind that criminals usually target women that are alone. They also use incapacitating drugs or alcohol, in order to make the victims vulnerable to attacks.

These are so-called rape drugs – which include rohypnol and scopolamine, aim at disorienting the victim, leading to prolonged unconsciousness and other severe medical conditions.

  • How to Avoid Being a Victim of Rape in Ecuador?

In order to minimize the risk of sexual assault, it’s highly recommendable to travel in groups. If you’re traveling alone, avoid secluded areas, especially at night.

Also, the number of incidents has increased in the city of Montañita. Being utterly careful regarding the accommodation you choose is a good precaution measure.

Since criminals use drugs in order to subdue the victims, you shouldn’t accept drinks offered by strangers, no matter how friendly and well-dressed the person offering you the drink is. Plus, if you’re in a restaurant or club, avoid leaving your drink unattended, as it is common for criminals to slip drugs into people’s drinks.

Natural Disaster Risks in Ecuador: MEDIUM to HIGH

How safe is Ecuador for tourists when it comes to natural disaster risks? Considering that this country is situated in an active seismic zone, earthquakes are likely to happen. Additionally, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis raise a range of safety concerns.

Essentially, Ecuador hosts a range of active volcanoes, especially in the proximity of Quito, as well as on the Galapagos Islands – which are a main tourist attraction for foreigners.

That being said, you should inform yourself of the risks that come with the territory. Concurrently, ensure that you are acquainted with the safety and evacuation procedures before embarking on your adventure.

It’s also recommendable to monitor seismic-volcano activity and get informed concerning evacuation routes.

Along the coast in the Galapagos Archipelago, there is a heightened risk of tsunami. Each Ecuador safety guide should note that the evacuation routes maps are of utmost importance for each traveler. Plus, in the proximity of the glaciated volcanoes such as Cotopaxi, there is an increased risk of lahars – which are flows of mud, water and lava that are known to be utterly destructive and dangerous. The towns of Salcebo and Latacunga are more vulnerable than other areas.

You should also note that the rainy season lasts from December till May. During this timeframe, the irregular El Niño climatic phenomenon occurs every now and then. It could lead to heavy rains and severe flooding. Plus, there is a significant risk of landslides, especially at times of heavy rainfall.

Due to potential strong currents, you should steer clear of crossing rivers, and be doubly mindful in affected areas. On a different note, when exploring the coastal region, it’s highly recommendable to seek local advice regarding tidal activity and take the necessary precautions.

Terrorism Risk in Ecuador: LOW to MEDIUM

Due to the heightened risk of terrorism around the world, you mind have questions whether terrorist incidents are likely to happen in Ecuador or not.

In lines with official reports, in 2018, several incidents entailing bomb explosions took place. These happened in the northern province of Esmeraldas, which is bordering Columbia.

Additionally, it’s worth taking into account that the security situation can change dramatically in a matter of hours in the Esmeraldas province. This is why you should be wary of warnings issued by the Ecuadorean authorities.

Women Traveling Solo Risks Ecuador: MEDIUM

Is Ecuador safe for solo women travelers? Many women enjoy traveling by themselves – and the good thing is that many women have attempted to visit Ecuador. Nevertheless, there are some heightened risks that you’d be exposing yourself to. At the same time, you’d have to put up with a bunch of little annoyances.

The primary nuisance solo women travelers are likely to cope with in Ecuador is causing whistling, kissing or hissing noises. That is to say, when you walk by yourself, especially in front of a group of men, they will inevitably make some kind of noises as you pass by.

Fair-haired women are more prone to attract attention. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that Ecuadorian women are off the hook. In this situation, it is best to ignore the perpetrators. If you attempt to say something in return, it could lead to nothing good.

The areas in which such incidents are prone to happen are the larger cities, or the areas overflowing with tourists – such as Baños. In this kind of places, it’s pretty inevitable not to be started at consistently. Some men might even attempt to engage in conversation, enquiring about your love life and other unsuitable questions. That’s because there is a general misconception amongst Ecuadorian men according to which Western women are loose and easy.

This misconception is due to the way in which women dress and socialize. This is why, in order to avoid unwanted scenarios, you should dress respectfully, and be wary of the impression you are leaving behind – because, whatever you may do, you are sending a message. By dressing respectfully and avoiding wearing revealing garments, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of unwanted attention you receive.

Also, steer clear of walking alone after dark, especially in towns. However, hiking makes no exception to the rule, which is why you shouldn’t embrace lone hiking as a solo woman traveler.

Families Traveling with Children Risks: MEDIUM

After answering the question: is Ecuador safe to visit for solo woman travelers, we’d like to move on to families with children. Should you attempt to visit Ecuador as a family with children?

Such a journey would definitely account for a memorable adventure. The best part is that there are numerous activities that are thrilling for children – and not only. Since it is a small country, traveling across it is more accessible than, say exploring Peru.

Nonetheless, parents shouldn’t overlook the risks we outlined in the paragraphs above. Altitude sickness could be an issue, as well as sunburn. Additionally, you should be wary of the risks that come with each specific area. Some areas pose higher risks than others. Plus, using public transportation can be dangerous.

Many incidents take place in interstate buses. Also, there are numerous unlicensed taxis in Ecuador. So, to avoid falling victim of criminal events, it would be best to use radio taxis from hotels – when you have the possibility, of course.

Plus, make sure you get the appropriate vaccines and get informed concerning the risks of natural disasters – especially in high risk areas.

Dangerous Areas to Be Avoided in Ecuador

As you might expect, some areas in Ecuador are more dangerous than others. For example, there is a heightened security risk specifically within 20 kilometers of the border to Columbia. The town of Tulcan in the province of Carchi makes an exception to this, however – since this is the official crossing town.

The reason why this area is particularly dangerous is due to the growing threat of kidnapping. At the same time, organized and drug-related crime events are prone to occur. This is why the authorities recommend foreigners to steer clear of exploring this area.

Moving on, the province of Sucumbios poses a range of risks, as well. Similarly, there is an ongoing threat of drug-related and organized crime. Hence, if traveling there isn’t a necessity, it would be best if you didn’t go there.

The city of Montañita has experienced an increase in sexual assault cases, as well. This is why foreigners, solo women travelers, in particular, should be wary of their surroundings. Concurrently, it’s advisable to choose your accommodation carefully, to ensure that it is reputable.

Vaccines You Need When Visiting Ecuador

As you might expect, some vaccines are utterly mandatory for traveling to Ecuador. To start with, Ecuador is the home to a bunch of mosquito-borne diseases – such as Zika, Malaria, yellow fever and dengue. Concurrently, getting vaccinated against typhoid is recommended, as this disease spreads through contaminated food and water.

Furthermore, infected animals might transmit rabies, whereas hepatitis A is transmitted through contaminated food and water. This is why you should get vaccinated against these, as well. Getting vaccinated against hepatitis B is also recommendable.

It’s also compulsory to get health insurance for your journey. Traveling to exotic destinations is unpredictable, which is why you should be prepared for whatever may come.


On a final note, which are the main Ecuador safety travel tips we consider being the most important? Even though traveling to this destination does entail a range of risks, as we clearly outlined beforehand, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring this beautiful country. As long as you follow a bunch of quintessential Ecuador safety travel tips, you’ll be on the right path.

That being said, if you are late at night, it’s best to take a cab. However, make sure it is a reputable cap company, as there are numerous scammers in this business, as well. Since the police don’t go after petty thefts, you should avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you.

Steer clear of taking walks through dark, secluded areas – specifically at night-time and dusk. If something unfortunate happens, there is a minimal chance that you’ll be heard or seen. If you’re withdrawing money at an ATM, have a look around you first.

This concludes our Ecuador safety guide. Stay safe and make sure you factor in our tips!

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  1. This is an article anyone visiting Ecuador should watch, thanks for the tips! Ecuador is indeed a fun place to visit. You can spend time in cities like Quito which marries an ancient architecture with modern touches, or venture into the sprawling nature which includes the Amazonia rainforest, the Galapagos Islands and even the highest active volcano globally!

    However, there are tourist-targeting scammers and petty crime to be wary of.

    Do be wary of spilling scam, Galapagos cruise scam, bus theft and robbery, long taxi routes, ATM scams, take my baby and many more!

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