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Countries with the most natural disasters
General Safety Travel Tips

Top 7 Countries Where a Natural Disaster Can Take You by Surprise

In 2016, the top countries with the most natural disasters were the Pacific islands, Southeast Asia and Central America. When disaster strikes, people are overwhelmed and usually lose their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. Every country is more or less susceptible to natural hazards, storms, earthquakes and floods. A weak infrastructure can […]

Top Countries Where You Can Get Robbed
General Safety Travel Tips

Watch Your Wallets: Top Countries Where You’re Most Likely to Get Robbed as a Tourist

Travelling is one of the most recurrent hobbies in the world. Those who have the opportunity to jump from country to country are indeed privileged persons. Although travelling in general is a quite safe action, there are places in the world that you might want to reconsider going to, for reasons concerning your personal security. […]