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Is Serbia Safe to Visit? Serbia Safety Travel Tips

With its beautiful landscapes and wondrous nightlife, Serbia has quite recently emerged as an attractive, budget-friendly travel destination, following the end of the Kosovo war. However, many of those who consider this Balkan country as a potential vacation spot, ask themselves whether Serbia is safe to visit or not. When it comes to this particular […]


Is Poland Safe to Visit? Poland Safety Travel Tips

One of the larger Central European countries, Poland comes with a long Baltic Sea Coastline. The country is bordered by Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Germany. Poland is divided into seven regions, which offer a variety of landscapes, with both historic and cultural territories. These are the Greater Poland, Lesser Poland, Central Poland […]


Is Norway Safe to Visit? Norway Safety Travel Tips

Home of the fierce Vikings, Norway is the eastern-, northern-, and westernmost of all the three Scandinavian countries. The country has borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia’s northwestern tip and is famous for its complex fjords that stretch along the country’s west coast. Norway is divided into eight regions: East, Middle, Northern, South, and West […]


Is Romania Safe to Visit? Romania Safety Travel Tips

Situated in the north of the Balkan Peninsula, Romania is one of the most beautiful destinations in Eastern Europe. Even if it does not feature in tops of must-see places in a lifetime, Romania’s beauty is undeniable. Its rich cultural legacy and magnificent landscapes astonish people all over the world every year. And the numbers […]

Is Monaco Safe to Visit

Is Monaco Safe to Visit? Monaco Safety Travel Tips

Surrounded by France, Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world. It is also known as a city-state and what is known to be its capital, Monte Carlo, is actually a government district. Monaco is divided into four areas – Fontvieille, based on light industry and recreation; Monte-Carlo, based on business and recreation; […]